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Do not end up with your fake id confiscated like the people on that board. Most are people who use their friends or older siblings id. That is a big mistake and considered identity theft, which is worse than just using a fake id. Never alter your own id it will never work. Best option is buying a quality fake id.

What to look for in a good fake id maker..

Fake id is not legal to make in the USA or Canada. Sites operating in these countries sell novelty id and NOT fake id. There is a huge difference in quality and what you will actually get. Most reliable sites are operating out of China where counterfeiting laws are non existent.

Accept traceable payments such as Paypal or credit cards. Those payment providers do not allow fake id makers to use their service. Again, fake id is not legal or you could buy it on and in every wal-mart.

Have terms of service or agreement pages. Any website selling fake id that has one is crap. Just allows novelty id junk sites to screw you with the old bait and switch routine. Show you a real looking fake id, have a disclaimer page saying you get novelty id, you get fooled, and buy. You get a novelty junk card in the mail.

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